Unified licenses in Lesotho

Over the last 20 years the market pertaining to unified licenses in Lesotho only permitted a limited number of licensees. An application for a unified license required an invitation by the Lesotho Communications Authority and as such this created a barrier to entry which did not allow other competitors from entering the Lesotho market.

In light of the above, the Lesotho Communications Authority has made an amendment to the Lesotho Communications Authority (Administrative) (Amendment) Rules, 2016.  The requirement for an application by prior invitation has been removed and as such, applications for licenses can now be done on a first come first serve basis in accordance with a directive from Parliament on 11 November 2019.

This being said, a prospective applicant can submit an application to the Lesotho Communications Authority for a unified license.  The license requirements are as follows:

  • Ownership, company profile, listing all directors, their addresses and their equity holdings, as well as certified copies of passports of the directors;
  • Contact details;
  • Business plan;
  • Description of service to be provided;
  • Network configuration details (where applicable);
  • Proposed management structure;
  • Curriculum vitae for key personnel;
  • System capacity, the breakdown of initial capital investment, level of charges and estimated annual revenue and operating costs;
  • Sufficient documentary evidence to prove that the applicant has the financial capability to meet the capital investment required in the financial plan;
  • Previous experience in the establishment and operation of the service proposed;
  • Confirmation of compliance with the ITU-T recommendations and other specifications or standards, which are specifically relevant to the proposed service;
  • Applications can be submitted in person or by mail to LCA. Applications carry fees and these fees must be paid upon application; and
  • Licence application fees depend on the class of licence

Kindly click on the following link to access the official statement by the Lesotho Communications Authority regarding the promulgation of the Lesotho Communications Authority (Administrative) (Amendment) Rules https://www.lca.org.ls/announcement-of-the-promulgation-of-the-lesotho-communications-authority-administrative-amendment-rules-2020-on-30-october-2020/

Our corporate commercial team can provide assistance with regards to applications for a unified license. Contact us on 0027 51 492 5353 (SA) 00266 5905 2797 or send us an email at admin@akmlaw.co.za