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Supreme Court of Appeal

Supreme Court of Appeal

The Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) is in Bloemfontein and decides on all appeal matters unrelated to constitutional issues and regulated by its own separate court rules, and navigating these rules requires specialised skills knowledge, thorough interpretation, and application.  Our appeals team is highly skilled at handling such cases, and we will provide you with the correct guidance and assistance. 

Our appeals services include: 

  • Applications for leave to appeal
  • Serving and lodging appeal documents
  • Drafting of appeal records
  • Checking appeal records and other documentation to ensure compliance with the Rules and Practice Directives of the court
  • Liaising with the Office of the Registrar
  • Obtaining a final court roll and establishing the composition of the SCA bench to preside over correspondent appeal matters
  • A complete correspondent service for applications for leave to appeal to the SCA
  • Advice and guidance on the Rules and Practice directives of the SCA
  • Noting judgments and obtaining copies thereof

Correspondent services

We provide correspondent services with regards to the following:

  • Civil litigation in the Magistrates’ Court, Regional Court, and High Court
  • Appeals to the High Court and Supreme Court of Appeal


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