Lesotho COVID-19 Resource Portal – Blue Stage


The Kingdom of Lesotho’s has now been placed under level blue.

The changes from into effective from 2 July 2021.

Please note that there is a nationwide curfew from 10pm to 4am. 

Movement across the border will include:

  • Any individual may enter Lesotho including departing and arriving tourists at all ports of entry.
  • Travellers must present an approved  72 hours negative COVID-19 test certificate.
  1. Political gatherings 
    • Prohibited
    • allow only indoor political meetings of 100 people observing all COVID-19 protocols
    • Screening, Sanitizing & Registration at entrance
  2. Sports events
    • Allow contact and non-contact sports without spectators with observance of all Covid-19 protocols
  3. Public recreational area (parks)
    • prohibited
  4. Weddings
    • Allow maximum of 50 people inside only observing all Covid-19 protocols
    • avoid buffets services
  5. Funerals
    • Allow only up to 100 people observing all Covid-19 protocols
  6. Social & family gatherings
    • Permitted with only 50 people
    • Alcohol not allowed